About Us

Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA) was formed in 2001 as a community based organization and was later registered as a local non-governmental organization in Kenya in the year 2005. The organization, then, was the brainchild of local professionals and local leaders from the communities of Northern Kenya in the counties of Mandera and Wajir. RACIDA is founded on the need to address poverty and public distress in Kenya, with specific reference to pastoralist communities in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) in the Horn of Africa. These are attained through the development and implementation of community based programs for self-reliance and sustainable development. RACIDA has now gone regional working in Northern Kenya, Southern Ethiopia and Gedo Region of Somalia.

It’s RACIDA’s desire to nature a culture that favours proactive and innovative developmental action. We work in a participative, consultative and collaborative ways with our stakeholders, developement partners, governments and civil society organisations through sharing of information, best practices and continous learning. We ensure that the presence of women and their views is in an equal part of the RACIDA organization at all levels. We hold ourselves individually and collectively accountable for the promotion of this internal culture.


To enhance self reliance and prosperity amongst vulnerable pastoralist communities living in Arid and Semi Arid Lands through promotion of better livelihood systems, sustainable use of natural resources and community empowerment.


The following are the core values of RACIDA

Solidarity with the poor and the marginalised communities
Exhibition of highest levels of professionalism
Respect for authorities (state laws, organisational constitution and policies)
Respect for life and human dignity
Team work, voluntarism and commitment


We envision “Communities in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands in the Horn of Africa having secured livelihoods and sustainably managing their natural resources”.


The following are the programmes of RACIDA

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Program
Food Security and Livelihoods Program
Education Program
Governance, Democracy and Human Rights Program
Health and Nutrition Program
Environment and Natural Resource Management Projects