Governance, Democracy and Human Rights Program


There is no single and exhaustive definition of “good governance,” nor is there a delimitation of its scope, that commands universal acceptance. Depending on the context and the overriding objective sought, good governance has been said at various times to encompass: full respect of human rights, the rule of law, effective participation, multi-actor partnerships, political pluralism, transparent and accountable processes and institutions, an efficient and effective public sector, legitimacy, access to knowledge, information and education, political empowerment of people, equity, sustainability, and attitudes and values that foster responsibility, solidarity and tolerance.

However, there is a significant degree of consensus that good governance relates to political and institutional processes and outcomes that are deemed necessary to achieve the goals of development. It has been said that good governance is the process whereby public institutions conduct public affairs, manage public resources and guarantee the realization of human rights in a manner essentially free of abuse and corruption, and with due regard for the rule of law. The true test of “good” governance is the degree to which it delivers on the promise of human rights: civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. The key question is: are the institutions of governance effectively guaranteeing the right to health, adequate housing, sufficient food, quality education, fair justice and personal security?

RACIDA’s governance and human rights program is committed in promoting the values of democratic governance, the rule of law, human rights, security & peace building and justice, accountability, equity and natural resources management in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands. RACIDA is currently implementing a peace and security program aimed to provide a more effective, accountable and responsive public services in the both Counties of Wajir and Mandera. It’s preparing citizens to respond quickly to conflict, insecurity and other crime incidents is working to establish county peace/security forums in areas at high risk of conflict and other sort of violence. The organization is well regarded in these Counties and maintains strong coordination with the County stakeholders and leaders both at Counties and National level.