Empowering Marginalised Communities

Community Partnering

Community Partnering for access to water and sanitation activities

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Food Security

Enhance food security and livelihood diversification for pastoralist communities

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Governance Management

Governance, human rights and sustainable natural resources management

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Capacity Building

Capacity Building for communities and community based organizations

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Who are we

  • What is RACIDA

    RACIDA stands for Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance. It is a national nongovernmental organization headquartered in Mandera, Kenya albeit a contact office in Nairobi and field offices in Rhamu Kenya. In Ethiopia RACIDA works in partnership with RACIDA Ethiopia local NGO registered in Ethiopia, its office are in Dollo Ado and Filtu Woredas. 

  • Our Vision

    RACIDA's envisions “Pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya having secured livelihoods and sustainably managing their natural resources”

  • Our Mission

    RACIDA’s mission is to enhance self reliance and prosperity amongst vulnerable pastoralist communities living in Northern Kenya through promotion of better livelihood systems, sustainable use of natural resources and community empowerment

Our Work Experience

  • RACIDA has over 10 years’ experience and is founded on the need to address poverty and public distress in Kenya, with specific reference to pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya. These are attained through the development and implementation of community based programs for self-reliance and sustainable development.

  • Today, RACIDA implements its projects throughout the counties of Mandera, Wajir and programmes on Ethiopia. The overall programs are revolving around drought mitigation, governance and strengthening the capacities of local people, communities and CBOs to make them effective in emergency management and to prepare them for rehabilitation and development.
  • RACIDA uses unique participatory approaches to empower communities to control and manage their local (natural) resources relevant to the regions harsh climate & remoteness.
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Board of Directors

RACIDA's board of directors is committed to a very critical oversight role in keeping the organization accountable.

The board's key purpose is to ensure RACIDA's prosperity by collectively directing the organization's affairs, whilst meeting the appropriate interests of all stakeholders.

RACIDA at a glance...

RACIDA undertakes various humanitarian responses to natural hazards and conflicts. To this end, the Agency has been an important player in development & relief operations.

This is done through preparedness and mitigation of disaster events through sustainable structural and management developmental programs under the thematic areas.

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